Women Empowerment

Women are inseparable part of each and every household and also of world as a whole. Yet, they are victims of social injustices, discrimination, inequality. With each passing days crimes against women has only increased. Our one of the prime mottos as an organization is to bring a full stop to this never-ending loop of crimes against women. We want to create a society where women can speak for themselves, where they would not have to be afraid of anyone and where they can freely earn for themselves and their family.

Social Empowerment

In today’s world the percentage of socially and economically backward society is increasing very rapidly. For India to progress, the upliftment of this section of society is a crucial part. Our aim is to instill self-confidence in these people and give them a fair medium and source of income. Social empowerment will lead to community empowerment and will help us in making India a better place.

Economic Empowerment

If we want to decrease the number of BPL people, economic empowerment is particularly important. It will ensure vulnerable group’s participation in society. For economic empowerment, our aim is to invest in start-ups and ventures of well-deserved entrepreneurs. This in turn will create employment and more and more people will get jobs.

Physical Empowerment

To adapt ourselves in constant changing norms of world, physical empowerment plays a role. Each individual has a right of decision making in his/her life. We as an organization will make sure that everyone is given enough freedom to exercise these rights.

Self Help Group

A Self-Help Group is a group of 10-20 person working together for a specific common purpose. We, as an NGO want to promote and support self-help groups so that they can fight their own battles and can also solve other issues of society. This will also help in upliftment of the backward section of society.

Micro Finance

By promoting Micro Finance, our goal is to make sure that each household and each individual has access to banking and financing system. Covid-19 has made us aware the importance of having a bank account and online transactions. We will also provide loans to poor and needy people which will help in rural development.

Help in Saving Money

Saved money helps in times of crisis. Each individual should save some amount of their income. We want to spread and promote the idea of saving. Educating people regarding investment opportunities and saving is important and a part of a modern society.

Health-care Facilities and Sanitization

Covid 19 pandemic has shown us the reality of Health care Facilities and Sanitization in India. Even in today’s time poor people do not have access to proper health care facility. Our organization will make sure that everyone gets equal access to proper health care facility. This will help in making Health-sector stronger and reducing mortality rate.


At the end, nothing is possible without imparting proper education. Our aim is to make sure that every child gets access to education. To become a better person, and to make tomorrow more beautiful educating each child is crucial. This will help in decreasing the gap between poor and rich people and in turn it will help in bringing equality and removing discrimination.