The term ‘Empowerment’ suggests the power, confidence given to an individual or a group of people for standing up for their own rights and that of others. When we talk particularly about Women Empowerment, the motto is to give authority to women for voicing out their opinions and standing up for themselves.

Now, why do we exactly need to empower women of our country? Since years women have been subdued. They are treated badly in their maternal home, mother and father-in-law's house, workplace. In earlier day, women were considered to be born solely for doing household chores. But with changing time and dynamics of the world they came out of the four walls of home to the real world and started working. From here differentiation in workplaces started between males and females, huge pay gaps and also lack of opportunities. All these factors collectively make it crucial to empower women so that they can raise their voices against all social and societal injustices which they face in their day-to-day life.

Our NGO aims at empowering each and every woman and making them capable enough to stand for themselves and against all injustices. Women should not be afraid of anyone and should get respect which they deserve.

With the onset of pandemic and lockdown crimes against women have increased. Even though they are at their home, within four walls of their house, there is no decrease in the crime rates or injustices. This increasing graph or rate of crime is what makes it necessary for our NGO to take a step ahead each day towards uplifting the status of women so that they longer would have to be subdued by anyone.

We are here to create a society where there will be no discrimination on the basis of gender, no pay gaps and equal opportunities for each and every individual.