Social empowerment refers to giving authority, confidence, autonomy to the backward sections of the society. India is second most populous country. In a country as large as India, there is huge gap in society, with the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. The reason behind this is that the backward sections of society are unaware of the ways by which they can elevate their position.

Generation after generation poor people are taught to do menial works. The number of people below poverty line is seeing an increasing trend. For a country to be prosperous and to see economic growth each section of the society should be at a parity.

To achieve social empowerment the primary and the most important factor is education. Education should be made accessible to all. Today we find that children who belong to poor families are not able to get proper education due to lack of funds and also because their parents do not know the necessity of education. Sometimes children are seen working for money. Poor people should be given equal opportunity and guidance so that they can walk on path of betterment rather than walking on same road generation after generation.

Our organisation understands the importance of social empowerment and is keen to help poor and needy people of society so that there can be less differentiation and more equality. We aim to educate them about various ways which they can adopt to make a better life for themselves and upcoming generations. There is a lot of talent and sharp minds hidden in these backward classes which needs to be unravelled.

A sense of identity, knowledge, wisdom needs to be imparted so that people can make better choices when it comes to choosing their livelihood and various other decisions pertinent to make a better life.