Self Help Groups consists of 10 to 15 people, especially women, who work together, as a group, to achieve common goals. When we stand together, we stand strong; when we stand alone, we tend to lose confidence. This is the reason why we need Self Help Groups.

We as Organisation want to promote and support self help groups so that they can stand strongly and work to achieve their desired goals.

There are many benefits of self help groups. People become strength of each other they work together. They help each other in times of need and in turn promote the common objectives of the group. In a hugely populated country like India, this small informal group of people play a crucial role in uplifting the society.

In small towns and villages their exists various problems such as water scarcity, electricity, lack of education or proper health care. An individual solely cannot look after all the issues. In addition, many people are not aware of appropriate platforms where they can approach to find a solution to their problems. That is why small groups are needed who can work for collective objectives of people.

Self help groups play a role in bridging the gap between rural and urban India. They educate people of rural India on various subjects and also communicate their issues or the problems which they face to the local authority. The local authority can then take appropriate steps or measures to address the issues of people. Not only does it promote well being of people but also generates employment.

Our NGO wants to extend our support and helping hand to as many self help groups as we can. They can surely help in upliftment of villages and rural people which will also promote social empowerment.