Physical empowerment is the empowerment of one’s body and soul. The coronavirus pandemic has taught us the importance of physical well being and the importance of good immune response.

In our busy lives we fail to pay attention to our body and the need to be physically fit. Also, with the advancement of technology people have become lazier and indolent. They need to realize the importance of proper diet, nutrition intake, exercise, and sleep schedule. All this play a crucial role in physical empowerment and people have forgotten about this. Proper information and knowledge need to be imparted about the importance of physical well being so that if in future, we face another pandemic then we will not have to rush to chemist shop for vitamin supplements.

For poor people, the scenario is something different. They do not have the means to stay physically fit. Nor do they have resources to take in proper nutritious balanced diet. They are often victim of malnutrition. In addition, because of pandemic students are unable to go to school and they are missing out on mid-day meals which is provided by the government in government run schools. Many children are dependent on this mid-day meals.

Further, to stay physically fit we also need to take care of our immediate environment. With increasing pollution, green house gases, we are not inhaling clean air which in turn is deteriorating our health.

A lot of factors contribute towards physical empowerment of an individual. Our NGO is motivated to impart knowledge and information regarding the importance of physical well being and we also look for opportunities to help backward sections of society, poor and needy people, disadvantaged groups, to empower them and to make their lives better.