Micro Financing refers to Financial aids such as loans, saving accounts and insurances provided to new ventures and small business who do not have enough funds to start their venture or business. They provide funds or Loans to owners of small business.

In the absence of micro financing, small business will not have any access to financial resources as they can hardly get capital from banks without collateral. They do not have resources to give as collateral. Further the interest rates of banking institutions are also high. At the time of starting of a business, people can not afford the burden of high rates. These small loans provided through micro finance helps the business owners to start their business. This also generates employment and provides job to many job seekers.

Micro Finance will help in women empowerment and will promote economic empowerment. Women from different parts of the country can avail the benefits of Micro Financing to start their dream business. For women it is hard to go to bank to get loans. Micro Finance act as a self help. People in rural India do not have access to Financial Institutions. This micro finance will help them in getting funds which gives them the opportunity to be self-dependent.

Our NGO aims at making awareness and spreading knowledge and information of micro finance so that more and more people can have access to Financial Aids. It will give a sense of financial stability and independence to people who want to start their own business to make a livelihood of their own. This will also help in social empowerment. All these factors are quite linked up. If one goes out of place, then the balance of society as a whole can shake.