The idea of saving money refers to saving a part of income. This saved money helps in times of crisis and is also a way of ‘growing money’. Now, what is meant by ‘growing money’. It means that if we save our money in Financial Institutions, in savings account, we gain interest on it. Further the banking institutions also invests this money and lends them to borrowers. This is how the economy of a country runs. The cycle of saving, lending, borrowing, investing helps a country’s economy to run smoothly.

Educating people regarding the need of saving money is important. We want to educate people regarding the need of saving money and also provide them details of institutions whom they can trust with their money.

People in urban area are familiar with the idea of saving their income but people in rural area are unaware. They do save their money, but they lack viable information regarding the benefits of opening a savings account in a bank to save their money.

We want to take a step ahead in educating people and making financial institutions available to rural people.

With the growing economy and technological advancement, India is moving towards digitisation. Most of the transaction is done through banking institution. If the habit of saving money in banks is not inculcated now, then people will face problem in future in keeping up with pace of modern world.

To move ahead, we will have to move together. If a part of society lags behind, then disparity will increase, and social welfare can not be promoted. This idea of saving money is a step towards future, towards modernity and will help in gaining financial knowledge and independence.