Covid 19 pandemic has shown us the reality of Health care Facilities and Sanitization in India. The need of a proper health care facility is growing day by day. Even in today’s time poor people do not have access to proper health care facility.

Government of India have built hospitals during the pandemic, they have collected funds to provide society with their needs. If at all India had proper health care facility then people would not have to shed tears for hospital beds, oxygen cylinders and many such health care resources. But as the old saying goes, ‘Better late than never.’ Now that we have understood the grim reality of the health care facilities in India and the dire need of the same, it should be our prime motto to provide people of India, what they need.

Investment in Health care sector has increased. We as an NGO, want to do our part in making India’s Health sector good enough so that in near future it can tackle any pandemics and crisis like the Covid 19.

Our organization’s wants to make sure that everyone gets equal access to proper health care facility. This will help in making Health-sector stronger and reducing mortality rate.

The most important need is making these facilities available to poor people who can not afford to pay huge hospital bills. We will help in raising funds, getting donations for such people who can not pay their hospital bills. This will help in saving more and more lives. Further it will reduce the deaths caused to lack of proper health care facilities.

The idea of “Swacch Bharat” seems more appealing now. We want to promote it further. The need of “Clean India” and sanitized societies is not hidden and our Organisation actively wants to participate in this noble cause.