To achieve anything and everything in life, education is primarily important. Development and growth of a country is not possible without imparting proper education.

The future of tomorrow lies in the hands of today’s youth. If the youth is not educated, then we are not looking at a brighter future. Education is still not accessible in villages. With the onset of coronavirus, educational institutions shifted to online mode of education. But online education is available to only them who have proper internet facility. This has to be taken care of otherwise some students of a class will move ahead and others will lag behind.

Educating a female child is still a big question in society. Families see this as a waste of money as it is believed that the role of a female is limited to household chores. This notion or believe needs to be changed and people should be made aware about the importance of educating their girl child. They need to realize that paying school fees of a girl child is not a waste of money and even they can look after their families’ financial needs. They can also be bread earner of a family. World has progressed and with progressing world people should change their mind set.

Our aim is to make sure that every child irrespective of caste, gender gets proper and unhindered access to education.

To become a better person, and to make tomorrow more beautiful educating each child will play an important role. This will help in reducing the gap between poor and rich people and will also help in bringing equality and removing discrimination. It will prove greatly beneficial in long run. An educated society will only move ahead and achieve new heights.