Economic empowerment refers to giving opportunity to people of society to contribute something towards the economy of a nation which will be considered beneficial for society as a whole and also for them.

The question which arises is how can we achieve economic empowerment? Firstly, let us look at woman of the society. For economic empowerment women should be given opportunity to earn and make a living of their own. They should not be trapped inside their home. There should be equal job opportunities for both men and women. They should not be differentiated on the basis of their gender at workplaces. Equal pay for same job is also necessary. Often, we see women are paid less than men for same work. This is not only pertinent to offices but to every workplace or be it sports. This should be taken care of.

Secondly, for economic empowerment backward sections of the society should also be given opportunity to earn money with respect so that they can run their household in a dignified manner. Along with this even the disadvantaged people should be given an opportunity to earn. They also have some talent which they can put to use to earn money.

It is important for everyone to be financially independent and to take hold of one’s finances. We as an organization aims at bridging this gap in society by providing valuable information to people seeking jobs or a way to earn. This can change the life of people and in turn it will change the economic scenario of the country with more are more people contributing towards the economic growth. This will also help in making India a self-reliant place or more appropriately ‘Aatmanirbhar.’